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July 21, 2009

'What Not To Wear' Gets A New Hairstylist

Nick Arrojo

After seven years as the hair expert on TLC's 'What Not to Wear', hairstylist Nick Arrojo will be replaced by Ted Gibson in an effort to freshen up the makeover reality show. Gibson has already taped five shows, which will begin airing July 24.

Gibson - who has worked with Anne Hathaway, Renee Zellweger, Chanel and Prada - explained he had been looking forward to playing hair saviour for the fashion-challenged. "My role is to make the girls feel pretty, to change their hair from being drab to being beautiful and sexy," he said.

However, Gibson didn't expect his first makeover subject to have such a strong reaction. Stacy London, who serves on the show as a style expert with Clinton Kelly, had to cheer him up. According to London: "I don't think he was expecting the reaction he got at the first makeover. I sent him an email explaining the psychology of it all, that people become attached to their identity and you're not criticizing them but the image they are projecting."

Resident makeup artist Carmindy will remain on the show, along with London and Kelly.

posted by cathy olouin

I want Nick back on the show. Dislike the new guy

posted by Anonymous

I don't know how anyone could dislike Ted. He is the ONLY one on the show that has ever had sincerity. He is the real thing, while the rest of them can only do their best to immitate it. And his presence there only enhances the fake, bitchy, "affected" personalities. They are the coldest most conceited group of people I've ever seen. I don't know how Ted is going to deal with it.
I feel certain that Ted will go far, his personality is so real and likeable he makes everyone else seem so transparent and fake. Kindness or real change created out of love, not nastiness, is what is needed on this show and at least one person now supplies that. Ted will be around and successful long after this show is finally cancelled.
BUT, everyone has different takes on people, and I don't want to slam their opinions. This is simply mine.

posted by K. Stephens

Ted's hairstyles are boring!!! Where's Nick! HUGE MISTAKE!!! You've lost this viewer. Without the amazing hairstyles to add the umph to these women's styles the whole show just doesn't work. Just watched a show about a DJ who pretty much put her hair in the hands of Ted. He could have done anything. What he did do was basically nothing. There was no realy style just long curly hair blown straight. When they showed her at work it looked stringy. What a waste! He could have done something edgy and different, instead she looks like a repeat of Anne Hathaway's current boring style . I'm so diappointed!

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