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January 09, 2012

Nicki Minaj To Cover US Vogue?

Nicki Minaj is doing really well. Admittedly, I was part of the camp that thought that here allure would fade after the initial attention she garnered but so far, she's proved me (and everyone else) wrong. We all know that she has a nail polish line for OPI, is the current face of MAC's Viva Glam line along with Ricki Martin and had a Barbie doll created in her honour, but her big profile in this weekend's New York Times Sunday Style section revealed a lot of things that we didn't know about the rapper.

Interestingly, it was Minaj who approached MAC about working collaborating, which resulted in her lipstick collection with them despite Minaj pitching to be their Viva Glam spokesperson. Also new was the revelation that her November cover of W came as a result of her being unable to appear in their July music issue due to touring commitments and her people pitching for a cover. What was most interesting, however, was her flourishing relationship with Vogue. According to the profile, the magazine's director of special events, Sylvana Ward Durrett, has had her eye on Nicki for a long time predicting her to 'hit it big' and her agent revealed that he is "in talks" with them about a possible cover. “That’s on my wish list. I hope. I hope.”

Do you want to see Nicki Minaj on the cover of Vogue?

December 09, 2011

Get Ready To Have Every Issue Of American Vogue At Your Fingertips Online

Image courtesy of Vogue via Fashionista

Anyone that has been lucky enough to go to Vogue House will know about their library but don't be fooled, this isn't like any other library. The whole floor plan of the building is full of just every issue of every magazine that matters and their team of fashion librarians can you tell you who appeared in the main fashion story in the 1982 December issue of Vogue, for example, from the top of their heads. You can see the value here, no? So with that in mind it's always perplexed me that such a service has not been made available to the fashion industry at large but finally it has - at least for American Vogue.

Today the magazine confirmed that Vogue Archive is complete and ready to go. Created out of a partnership with WGSN, the new initiative will enable you to access every page from every issue of American Vogue from 1892 including ad campaigns and print and share your favourite pages. The only problem? To have American Vogue at the end of your fingertips expect to pay a whopping $1,575 a year for it but luckily for students, the service will be made available in fashion school libraries.

Will you pay up for this?

November 03, 2011

New In: British ELLE End The Year With Yet Another Strong Cover

ELLE UK have had a strong year of covers. Off the top of my head six already spring to mind so it comes at no surprise that their December cover is a strong one too.

Michelle Williams is the cover model of choice and subject of a fashion story and accompanying editorial where she talks about her experiences playing Marilyn Monroe in her latest film, 'My Week With Marilyn'. The magazine opted to focus on Williams rather than following American Vogue who styled the actress up as Monroe for their October cover and the departure definitely works.

September 28, 2011

Kate Middleton Won't Cover American Vogue, Well At Least For The Time Being

Earlier this week, we told you that Anna Wintour is currently vying to get Kate Middleton to front the magazine's cover but it looks like that won't be happening for a while. Yesterday the palace announced that the Duchess of Cambridge will life away from the spotlight for the rest of the year, working with charities and learning about her new role.  "There are no plans for the Duchess to do anything with U.S. Vogue," they confirmed in a statement.

But don't get too excited. As has been pointed out, it's unlikely that Middleton will cover the magazine next year or in the near future. Although Diana fronted British Vogue back in August 1981, she didn't actually pose for the magazine and when she did, it was ten years later and her American Vogue cover in 1993 only happened after she had separated from Charles. And besides, the palace have made no secret of their concern about protecting Middleton from the spotlight so it doesn't look like this will happen any time soon.

September 26, 2011

Kate Middleton To Cover American Vogue?

Just about every magazine is vying to get Kate Middleton on the cover of their magazine and of course, American Vogue is already in the process of trying to pin down the Duchess of Cambridge for their next cover.

A Middelton cover would definitely make sense and if any editor could secure her, it's Anna Wintour. After all, she has secured high profile women like Hilary Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah to cover the magazine in the past. But it looks like the task won't be too easy. According to Page Six, Alexandra Schulman has already tried to get Mario Testino, who has a very close relationship with the Royals, to shoot her for the cover of British Vogue but that failed.

Do you want to see her on the cover of US Vogue?

July 01, 2011

Lindsay Lohan To Cover Vanity Fair's September Issue, SJP To Cover Vogue's August Cover

Kate Moss isn't the only person that has bagged a big September cover. In surprising news, Lindsay Lohan has been announced as the cover star for Vanity Fair's big issue - her second time gracing the cover.

With August covers, Sarah Jessica Parker will front Vogue's annual age issue to promote her upcoming movie, 'I Don't Know How She Does It' but reports allege that she wasn't the magazine's first choice. Despite covering the magazine's age issue before back in 2003, they had actually chosen someone else and had to look for a last minute replacement.

See more after the jump

June 28, 2011

Kate Moss' Wedding Will Appear In US Vogue

The countdown is officially on for Kate Moss' pending nuptials to Jamie Hince. Moss is known for being very private so despite the excitement about the wedding, many predicted that the press would be denied access to the ceremony leaving us deprived of images of who performed, who attended and of course, what the dress looked like.

But don't despair. The usually private couple have decided to allow Mario Testino's images of the wedding to be published in the September issue of American Vogue. The move comes as Moss has also been confirmed as the cover star of the magazine's key issue.

March 22, 2011

Blake Lively Will Not Design Her Own Line

It's no secret that Blake Lively is a big fashion fan. The 'Gossip Girl' star has covered American Vogue twice and is currently the face of Chanel's handbag campaign, but according to the actress, her love for fashion ends there. In a recent interview she quashed rumours about her launching her own line. “I’ve been asked about that,” she told WWD, “but I have such a respect for fashion and such an appreciation for it that, if there are people like Karl Lagerfeld out there designing, who am I?”

March 15, 2011

First Look: Rihanna's Full US Vogue Cover Story

Back in January we confirmed that Rihanna had shot for her first American Vogue cover and here it is. Last year saw Gisele cover the magazine's annual April 'Shape' issue showing off her post-baby body but Rihanna takes centre stage this year showing off her curves and new body as she prepares for her first movie, 'Battleship.

This is definitely one of the best celebrity cover stories we've seen at US Vogue in a while.

What do you think?

See a sneak preview of her cover story after the jump

February 10, 2011

Will Victoria Beckham Pose Nude For Vogue?

Victoria Beckham might be following in Demi Moore's footsteps if recent reports are to be believed. According to sources, the designer has been tipped to pose nude while heavily pregant for the cover of American Vogue.

"Knowing Victoria, she'll do something completely unique with it. It's not a very Vogue thing to do, but the team can make it work and make it 'fashion'. Anna's apparently really keen on it. Everyone's expecting it to fly off the shelves. Victoria's a huge style icon," an insider said. "There's a real buzz going around about it. Although nothing's been officially signed yet, Victoria would want to be sure she's the sexiest pregnant woman to ever grace a magazine cover. It will be a huge boost to her career from a fashion point of view."



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