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July 27, 2009

What's Coming Up This Week? Lela Rose And A Guest Visit From Jezebel

Need a reason to check in over the next few days? How about five?

1. Lela Rose has a few words to say.

2. There's a little bit of Bowie.

3. We're talking 'Coco Before Chanel'.

4. New editorials. Clearly.

5. Jezebel's Sadie Stein would like you to meet someone.

The Fash Pack xx

July 24, 2009

Quote Me: Alicia Silverstone's Fresh Perspective

Unless you need it, it's just stuff.

The actress tells WWD [via Jezebel] about her line with Ecotools
July 22, 2009

Jezebel's "Tatiana The Anonymous Model" Revealed

Meet Jenna Sauers...

July 20, 2009

What's The Obsession With Marilyn Monroe?

In response to Lindsay Lohan's latest (millionth?) attempt to pose as Marilyn Monroe, Jezebel has a question: Why are people so obsessed with recreating an inimitable style? Especially when said style was made famous by a tragic figure forced by movie studios to reinvent herself?

We get that the white-dress picture is legendary, and yes, the girl born Norma Jean Baker was gorgeous. But Baker/Monroe was objectified by those around her and died under suspicious circumstances at only 36. Is it the "live hard, die young and leave a beautiful corpse" phenomenon that makes her image last? Or is it time that, like Jezebel says, we realise that pretending to be someone else, as Monroe had to do, is exhausting, and learn to be happy with our own icons?

July 08, 2009

Quote Me: It's Time To Get Harsh

There are immensely talented people around but I feel huge vortexes of them are sucked into this mediocre world where nobody criticizes and it's all terribly politically correct. Even journalists are the same. You now hardly get a bad a review. In their mind the journalists are supporting the industry, so they don't want to dish it. For me it's that banality of what is youth....[A]nother thing I've noticed today — everything is farmed out. Someone else is going to cut it, and someone else is going to supply the fabrics. The hands-on gets more and more removed. If Lee McQueen or Christopher Kane had nothing, they could still make their garments. They have the skills. I think the problem is that fashion has become too fashionable. For years, fashion wasn't fashionable. Today fashion is so fashionable that it's almost embarrassing to say you're part of fashion. All the parodies of it. All the dreadful magazines. That has destroyed it as well, because everybody thinks fashion is attainable.

Louise Wilson, who heads Central St. Martins' fashion design MA programme, turns off her filter for an interview with Cathy Horyn (via Jezebel)
June 30, 2009

US Vogue's Problem With Ad Pages Worsens

Last week we broke the news that, for the first time, ELLE bagged more ad pages than Vogue. When asked about how the magazine's advertising is doing, as they begin to close the big September issue, Vogue's publisher Tom Florio tried to diffuse the situation but actually revealed how bad the situation actually is. "We'll have over 400 pages of advertising," he told the NY Post.

As Jezebel said, 400 pages is a considerable drop from the 727 ad pages they had for the 2007 September issue, and the 607 pages last year.

People are quickly beginning to question whether this is a result of the economy, or whether it shows that Anna Wintour is losing her touch.

What do you think?

June 05, 2009

Quote Me: Jackie vs Michelle's Non-Competition

Let Jackie have the glamour mantle. In time, Michelle can be the more influential First Lady.

Jezebel's Sadie Stein weighs in on the media hype that insists on pitting the two First Ladies against each other
April 30, 2009

Vintage Lady GaGa: Brown Hair, Still No Pants

Back in 2007, Lady GaGa hadn't shown us her Poker Face, but she had given her two fashion cents to WWD: "When someone sees a girl in a two-piece out on the town, people think she's a ho. We think that's awesome. It's rock 'n' roll."

Courtesy of WWD (via Jezebel), please reflect on what once was.

More images after the jump

April 15, 2009

US Weekly's Grey Gardens Cover

To celebrate the premiere of HBO's Grey Gardens, running for the first time on Saturday, the latest issue of US Weekly has made a mock-up cover about Little Edie Beale and Co. Jezebel decided to take things one step further (read: go more realistically melodramatic), and we like the results.

See Jezebel's version after the jump



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